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Our Sports News Desk allows clubs to select any style of desk (from our image library or their own image) to fit their brand / code. The front of the desk and the background can not only have the club's name / logo, it can also their sponsor's logos as well.

Each studio is environmentally controlled (heating / cooling), they have high tech sound proofing and controlled lighting (fixed racks & mobile lighting) meaning  it is very quick to set up for filming. We have fixed microphones for freedom of movement along with shot gun and lapel mics to create network quality productions.

The sports news desk can quickly convert to a Saturday Night Live Variety Show along with a performance stage. There is also space for a small audience and a VIP Sponsor's Lounge.

Each film set comes with at least one technician as a minimum who sets up the lighting, sound and up to 4 cameras. One technician can not fully control all cameras and monitor sound. You have the option of bringing in your own people or we can have our team produce everything.

If you have never produce a TV program and don't know where to start that's no problem. We have information / templates / check lists on what you need to create hard hitting TV program.

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