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Sporting Club Promotional Videos

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Club promotional videos are made easy and are a powerful way to help recruit members and spectators.

We can either go out to your location or do everything in our studio or a combination of both. We see a promo video as a CTA - Call To Action, you want a purpose not because it looks nice. It is a very cost effective way to build your business if it is planned well. Planning means the right scripting, filming, message and production value to showcase the professionalism of your business / sporting club.

Promotional videos can be created in a short time or over a number of weeks depending on how creative you want to be and how many elements you want to include. Our standard procedure is to create a one minute video with cut versions of 15 & 30 seconds. Virtual tours of a business can be longer to include testimonials and other elements up to five minutes.

There are special discounts available for clubs who are Martial Arts Australia members and from other orginisations (please ask when making a booking to see if your qualify). These videos are an exact formula because you only have a few seconds to get your message across so every monment counts. For this reason it often takes longer to create a commercial than it does to make an instructional video fo example. If the client knows exactly what they want it is easier but if you require creative strategies and complext storyboarding it takes longer. We are here to create exactly what you want irrespective of the time it takes because we want your message to have impact and sell your product.

Video Pricing:
One minute videos from $495.00
Two minute videos from $895.00
Five minute videos from $1595.00
Includes Studio Hire, cameras and editing with director


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