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Creating Professional Instructional Videos

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Creating Professional and Dynamic Instructional Videos is the perfect passive income earner for instructors. Online education is one of the biggest growth areas as it is much more widely accepted as a credible way to learn. Now instructors can grow their student base from face to face students to virtual students. Instructional videos serve as supplimentary study material for face to face students to give them extra support between classes. With the right filming and editing we make this material into a complete online course with various levels. 

Some phyiscal elements take more attention in the assessment process but any skill can be measured and assessed. Students can just learn certain skills, or a number of levels and of course various belts depending on what is preferred.

Students all around the world want to save money on travel costs to learn from the best masters around the globe. Now this is possible in the most credible way and students feel overjoyed they can get access to some of these legendary masters.

1. 2-7mins individual special subject instructional videos
2. 2-7mins that make a curriculm for levels / belts
3. 2-7mins that belong to a program

Video Pricing:
Filming protect to create multiple smaller videos or one 40 minute one from $895.00
Filming protect to create multiple smaller videos or two 40 minute ones from $1495.00
Full series of a grading syllabus to be quoted or based upon an hourly rate.
Includes Studio Hire, cameras and basic editing with director

All our videos come with titles / lower thirds / graphics / logos / sponsors / voice over etc

We help you reach your target market to enhance revenue for your videos under a PayPerView (PPV) channel and other networks.

1. If you have your own videos already - we can help market them for you, this mean re-editing and cutting them into smaller videos.

2. If you are local to the Melbourne Studio you can drop in and discuss the options

3. If you are from interstate or overseas you can still come to our studios or we can assist you in creating commercially viable videos in your location. We can do the final edits from the footage you have taken or you can send them to us completed and ready for sale / upload.



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