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Create Your Own Sporting TV Show

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Creating your own TV Show for your Sporting Club is easier and cheaper than you might think. The Kapow TV Studio is set up to help community based sporting clubs to be able to produce their own TV programs. This allows the clubs to be able inform their followers / team members and the public on their activities and achievements.

A program that allows the experts in the field to report on the competitions, showcase the best players and show the sporting action is particularly appealing to viewers. Not only do you capture historical content for your sporting code to keep followers engaged the latest news, events, products and their achievements.

Having your own TV style videos is great for attracting more sponsors and offering more exposure for your existing ones. The conventional format of a 30 minute show is changing as more people channel flick to maintain a constant high level of media stimulation. We also make up 7 minute videos (top / tailed your brand) that can be broadcast individually to support the main show.

Our TV format is designed to maximise your engagement with your followers and actually get them to watch all of your content. This way you know your message is reaching your audience and this attracts more people to your sporting code making your sponsors very happy.

1. 25 actual minutes created (30min show)
2. 3 x 7mins segments
3. 1 x 2mins Trailer
4. 1 x 1min Trailer

For every half hour TV Show you create you get FIVE VIDEOS so you can use social media, your own channels and our network to spread your message.

Three Levels of Production
1. Basic raw footage with rough edit ready for you to add your own production style.
2. Complete raw edit finished logo water mark – without titles / lower thirds or graphics
3. Complete TV broadcast with all titles / graphics / logos / sponsors / voice over etc

Costs of production for 30min program (3 cameraa) start from:
1. Basic raw footage = $1495.00
2. Complete raw finished = $2500.00
3. Complete TV broadcast = $3500.00
Includes 2 hours studio filming, camera / technician, studio hire

The more people you reach the more you can grow your business / sporting code. We can assist in getting your content to your target market and monetising your videos under a PayPerView (PPV) channel.

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